10 Seeds Agave vazquez-garciae Ornamental Plant #Agave

10 Seeds Agave vazquez-garciae Ornamental Plant #Agave

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1 package of 10 seeds
  • A new, only recently described Agave from the Mexican state of Jalisco.
  • It is closely related to A. pedunculifera and similar in many respects to Agave attenuata.
  • It has pale green leaves that are narrower and more robust than those of A. pedunculifera and carry very attractive, colorful thorns.
  • Product Description :

    Germination: Start the Agave seeds in a 50/50 mix of commercial soil and sifted crushed granite. Cover the seeds in a small plastic pot with a small measure of the soil mixture. Usually this is about the diameter of the seed. They should not be placed very deep into the soil. They should be just below the surface. Set the pot in a pan of distilled water and leave there until you see that the soil is wet. Remove the pot and then allow to drain for several minutes. Cover the pot with a plastic bag and secure with a rubber band. Set the seedling on a windowsill where it will receive diffused light instead of direct sunlight. The seedling will begin to sprout after about 4 weeks.