10 Seeds Cucurbita ecuadorensis Ecuadorian Squash #Vegetable

10 Seeds Cucurbita ecuadorensis Ecuadorian Squash #Vegetable

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1 Package of 10 seeds
  • A rare, herbaceous, creeping vine from seasonally dry lowland coastal forest to 500 m in western Ecuador, where it is threatened by fragmentation of its natural habitat.
  • It has with deeply lobed leaves and yellow flowers followed by round, mottled or striped, dark green to yellowish fruits with creamy, white flesh.
  • The fruits of Cucurbita ecuadorensis are fed to domestic animals. Its robustness and disease resistance makes it interesting for pumpkin breeders.
Product Description :

Germination: Sow 1cm deep in sowing mix + sand or perlite. Keep bright and constantly moist but not wet. Germination takes 2-4 weeks.