10 Seeds Cyclanthera pedata Caigua Vegetable Plant #Vegetable

10 Seeds Cyclanthera pedata Caigua Vegetable Plant #Vegetable

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1 package of 10 seeds
  • A vine in the pumpkin family from the lower Andes of South America.
  • They have crispy and succulent, slipper-shaped fruits that are used as a vegetable that can be eaten raw or pickled or used for stuffing and baking as one would use a hollowed-out Zucchini.
  • Some of its ingredients are effective in reducing cholesterol levels. It is easily grown from seed, will grow even in climates with cooler summers and produces fruit in just a few months.
Product Description :

Germination: Sow 1cm deep in sowing mix + sand or perlite. Keep bright and constantly moist but not wet. Germination takes 2-4 weeks.