50 Seeds Bellucia Pentamera - Coronillo Flowering Tree #Ornamental – Plants n Things


50 Seeds Bellucia Pentamera - Coronillo Flowering Tree #Ornamental

50 Seeds Bellucia Pentamera - Coronillo Flowering Tree #Ornamental

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  • 1 package of 50 seeds
  • This attractive tree can reach 2 to 12 m in height. It is originally native to the New World Tropics from southern Mexico to Bolivia and Brazil, but today it is also cultivated in other parts of the world.
  • Bellucia pentamera has a trunk covered by coffee-colored bark, smooth, oval-shaped leaves and scented, white flowers followed by edible, fleshy, yellowish fruits, with a sweet and slightly acidic taste. Ideal for tropical and warm-temperate climates.

  • Germination: Due to its small size, it is best to place the fruits in plastic bags until the pulp has partially decomposed then mix them with water to make a suspension. Water the soil in a nursery seedbed with this suspension and do not cover the seed, but make sure the soil does not dry out. A moderate rate of germination can be expected, with the seeds sprouting within a few days. Pot up the seedlings into individual containers when they are 4 - 5cm tall and plant out into their permanent positions when they are 20 - 30cm tall.
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